Our Pegas CrafTap & NovoTap Systems

CrafTap System

Our 3 Pegas CrafTaps and 12 Pegas NovoTaps offer you a total of 27 different beers on tap every day. The beauty of these systems is that they use the same operating principles found in large bottling factories around the world, the counter-pressure method.

We add CO2 and nitrogen to the bottle before pouring a drop of beer. When the beer is poured, it releases the gasses to the top, keeping your beer fresh so that it will taste as good at home as it did when it was poured at the store. Unopened growlers will remain fresh indefinitely and your growler will taste great for up to 2 weeks after you open it.

We carry 1, 2, and 3 liter plastic as well as 32 and 64 ounce glass bottles. Our taps pour straight into the bottle without ever touching the inside. This creates a more sanitary condition than conventional taps that normally have spouts that protrude into the bottle around the mouth.

Please keep in mind that our dark glass bottles will help perserve the taste of your beer longer than clear containers. When beer is exposed to light, it develops an undesirable flavor (and odor) called sunstruck flavor. This is why most beer is bottled in dark containers. Keeping any beer out of direct sunlight helps preserve the wonderful taste.

Beers on tap January 23rd, 2018:

#1: Empire Local Grind

#2: Founders Porter

#3: Ommegang Pale sour

#4: Ommegang Nirvana

#5: Stone Arrogant Bastard

#6: Middle Ages Salt City

#7: Good Nature Anniversary Ale

#8: Good Nature Bavarian Dream

#9: Evil Twin imperial Petit four Break

#10: Good Nature RBQ

#11: Founders KBS

#12: Troegs Nimble Giant

#13: Switchback

#14: Allagash White

#15: New Belgium Clutch

#16: Lake Placid Ubu Ale

#17: Utica Club


#19: Saranac Blueberry Blonde Ale

#20: Oskar Blues Pinner

#21: Lake Placid Maple Ubu

#22: Atwater Dirty Blonde Ale

#23: Empire Amber Ale

#24: Southern Tier Harvest

#25: Sierra Nevada Sidecar